The Lock-Up's Volunteer Program attracts people with a range of backgrounds and skills, a shared commitment to the collection and a desire to help the Museum and Art Gallery.

Volunteers play an integral role in operation of The Lock-Up Cultural Centre. We could not open our doors to the public without them. Our volunteers work hard to create a welcoming and informative centre filled with history, art and culture. 


The Lock-Up Volunteers bring substantial benefit to:  

  • Our visitors by enhancing their experiences and understanding of museum objects and exhibitions.
  • Our organisation by bringing specialist advice and skills into the organisation and through the provision of additional support to particular programs.
  • The wider community by providing an avenue for community participation in specific exhibitions or the organisation as a whole. 


Volunteer benefits provided by the Lock-up 

Along with the interesting and rewarding experience of working in the museum, volunteers receive:

  • A Certificates of Recognition after every year of service 
  • Written reference as required 
  • Invitations to social events and activities for volunteers 
  • Access to the internet connection (byo device) 
  • Participation in events and exhibitions within the Lock-up Cultural Centre 
  • Experience in the areas of Newcastle History and Architecture, Museum Studies, and Gallery Administration.





The Lock-Up Cultural Centre

90 Hunter St. Newcastle NSW 2304

T +61 2 4925 2265 | E INFO@THELOCKUP.ORG.AU