5.30PM FRIDAY 2 MARCH 2018 -

Join Liz Bradshaw as she gives an insight into the upcoming 21st Biennale of Sydney SUPERPOSITION: EQUILIBRIUM & ENGAGEMENT


5.30PM - 6.30PM FRIDAY 2 MARCH 2018 

Join Biennale of Sydney Learning Coordinator Liz Bradshaw as she gives insight into the upcoming 21st Biennale of Sydney's SUPERPOSITION: EQUILIBRIUM & ENGAGEMENT which opens across multiple venues in Sydney on 16 March 2018. 

In quantum theory, ‘superposition’ refers to the ability of electrons to occupy multiple states at once, to simultaneously take opposing paths and end up in different places. It is only with the application of measurement that matter is reduced to a single definition.This biennale takes inspiration from quantum mechanics, Chinese philosophy, the Biennale Archive and the history of Sydney. 

Bradshaw will introduce some of the key ideas underpinning the 2018 edition of the Biennale focusing on art, history and artists’ practice. The event will be particularly beneficial for the arts community, teachers, lectures and students, but will be also suitable for the general public. 


The Biennale provides a platform for art and ideas and is recognised for commissioning and presenting innovative, thought-provoking art from Australia and around the globe. A leading international art event, The Biennale of Sydney has showcased the work of nearly 1,800 artists from more than 100 countries. It has attracted over 4 million visitors since its inception in 1973 and holds an important place on both the national and international stage.

This talk is presented with assistance from Museums & Galleries of NSW.

IMAGE: Haegue Yang Cittadella 2011
Courtesy the artist and Kukje Gallery, Seoul 
Photograph: Markus Tretter