Artist in Residence // Barnacle Studio

23 FEB - 11 MAR 2016

Barnacle Studio (artist Mignon Steele and architect Morgan Figgis) will use The Lock-Up residency to research and explore their respective practices in visuals arts and architecture.

During their residency Barnacle Studio will be working side-by-side The Lock-Up’s cultural partners University of Newcastle and Hunter Street Tafe, working with students and utilising studio space and facilities. 

‘At the heart of all Barnacle Studio’s permutations is our mutual admiration of the natural world; this incredible country and its exquisite ecosystems are the ultimate inspiration. We’re interested in ways of creating in a way that allows us to be a part of nature rather than conquerors or detractors.’

Barnacle Studio 


Mignon Steele graduated from the National Art School in 1999. Along side her arts practice she has worked in community work, construction and set painting for film and TV. She makes paintings and sculptures, and works on colour and materiality and site -specific paintings for Barnacle Studio building jobs. Morgen and Mignon have collaborated on design, construction and art projects since they first met in Sydney in 2001 they are now based in the Illawarra. 


Morgen Figgis completed his Bachelor of Architecture in 2000 at The University of Tasmania, and has been designing and building ever since. He makes buildings from scratch, or modifies existing structures to suit site and occupants. His design considers the junction between the natural world and the built environment, preciousness of resources, and the potential of space.