Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium 2017 // Criticism in Action 

28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

Presented by Critical Animals as part of TiNA, produced by Octopod.




Three Page Story Tuesday 26 September - Thursday 28 September       

10am - 5pm 

Hunter Street TAFE 

Ex-student of Newcastle Art School, Stephanie Gobor initiates an exhibition involving collaboration between art students and creative writers. 

Exhibition opening: 

Thursday 28 September 2pm – 4pm 

TAFE NSW Hunter St students and writers 

Curated by Stephanie Gobor 

Co•–st•–l W•–ve Tr•–nsl•–tor 

Thursday 28 September - Sunday 1 October 10am - 5pm 

Newcastle Museum - Workshop Way Forecourt 

A live sound installation converting wave data collected from buoys near Australia’s offshore detention centres into an unrepentant, face-melting siren. Kynan Tan Devon Ward Sticker Protest Thursday 28 September - Sunday 1 October 10am - 5pm 

Roving through different locations Visual artist Nina Ross invites audiences to engage with ongoing issues of fair pay for artists through a playful sticker protest in unexpected locations throughout the festival. 

Nina Ross 

SADISCO Thursday 

28 September - Sunday 1 October 10am – 5pm 

See online program 

Conflating sad, sadism and disco, SADISCO explores an excruciating fusion of pleasure with politics, singing with liberation, glitter with guts. Ingrid Stiertzel Jane Polkinghorne 

Speculative Memories: Part #4 The Objectorium 

Thursday 28 September - Sunday 1 October 7pm - 10pm 

University House Loading Dock 

This digital interactive piece investigates notions of personal and public memory. This work looks at ideas of distortion, identity, control and social construction. Kate Cross 


Friday 29 September 10am - 11am 

The Lock-Up 

Artist-led discusses the tactics artists use to comment on the community they produce work within. This panel will be recorded and broadcast on FBi Radio’s  

Canvas: Art & Ideas on Sunday 1 October. 

Abdul Abdullah Aurora Scott Zoe O'Mahoney Sabrina Sokalik 

The 'Real' World 

Friday 29 September 1pm - 3pm 

The Lock-Up 

Get diagnosed at the door and experience the interface with the 'real' world. An immersive, sensory journey explore disability advocacy. Kerri Shying Danny Gentile Andrew Spannenberg 


Friday 29 September 3.30pm - 4.30pm 

The Lock-Up 

Intimacy is dead, and we’re partying with its corpse. Intoxication is a post-dramatic patchwork about the fear of being alone. Christopher Bryant Emma Palackic 

Critical Animals X Newcastle Art Gallery Last Fridays ft. 

Kevina-Jo Smith: Planet Protest 

Friday 29 September 5pm - 8pm 

Newcastle Art Gallery Critical Animals guest programs Newcastle Art Gallery's Last Fridays program with Kevina-Jo Smith's immersive installation Planet Protest. 

Kevina-Jo Smith 

Critical Suburbia 

Saturday 30 September 10am - 11:45am 

The Lock-Up Launch of Karen Lowry’s “Chamberlain Street” (suburban poetry game) and discussion of Digital Humanities as Critical Theory with Bill Pascoe. Karen Lowry Bill Pascoe. 

a complified unified theory of you (me) 

Saturday 30 September 12pm - 3pm 

Newcastle Museum Part-performance, part-sly-participatory event, part-song-and-dance trance, artists Vidya Rajan & Nithya Nagarajan invite you to create a completely unified theory of them. Vidya Rajan Nithya Nagarajan 

These Romans Are Crazy: How Asterix and Obelix can help us understand the age of alternative facts 

Saturday 30 September 12.30pm - 1.30pm 

The Lock-Up 

A performance lecture addressing how being historically hoodwinked as children has made us a passive audience to the lies our leaders tell us. Matt Abotomy 

Waking Up 

Saturday 30 September 2pm - 3.45pm 

The Lock-Up 

In a world where socially engaged art is more important than ever, how do artists work ethically with communities? Kate Richards Madalyn Trypas Kevin Bathman Isabella Capezio 

Critical Mass 

Saturday 30 September 3pm - 4pm 

The Lock-Up 

Join Perth based performance poet Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) for Critical Mass, an experimental, immersive poetry walking tour that aims to not only transform Newcastle, but you as well. Scott-Patrick Mitchell   

Feminist Pop Tarts: (De)constructing Pop Culture 

Sunday 1 October 10am - 12pm 

The Lock-Up 

Four academics and artists talk about the intersections between pop culture and feminism – the good, the bad and the debatable. Erin Fae Emily Francine Palmer Patricia Pender Kali Myers 

Criticism for Accountability 

Sunday 1 October 12.30pm - 2.30pm 

The Lock-Up 

What is the responsibility of the critic to advocate for change? Three cultural commentators discuss the current state of arts criticism. Cassie Tongue Dee Jefferson Sarinah Masukor 

Questions of everyday feeling: media and the shaping of gender 

Sunday 1 October 3pm - 5pm     

The Lock-Up 

This panel focuses on how gender and affects (such as joy, laughter and fear) are (re)produced through physical/mediated spaces. Elianne Renaud Megan Sharp Dr Akane Kanai 

Ceremony for Lost Natural Connections 

Sunday 1 October 5pm - 7pm 

Civic Park 

In this temporary activation, mosquito coils are burnt at dusk as part of a ritual exploring lost connections to nature. Marisa Georgiou 

Once More With Feeling 

Sunday 1 October 6pm - 9pm 

Watt Space Gallery 

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with an interactive sing-along spectacular celebrating the classic musical episode. Patricia Pender