10 DECEMBER 2016 - 29 JANUARY 2017

Using air as an artistic medium, a motif or as the starting point for artistic research, this exhibition project explores the concept of air and its wider connections.

10 DECEMBER – 29 JANUARY 2017 

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Science tells us that the atoms of every breath we take connect us with all other living things, past and present, with every man-made system that sustains our civilisation, and with every natural system that sustains us on this planet. And yet the medium for those many and vital connections goes relatively unnoticed, or worse, is thoughtlessly abused. 

The air is the invisible background to our everyday lives, an omnipresence that knows no physical, cultural or social boundaries. Whether it guides us towards a pantheistic worldview, or advocates a human reconnection with nature and each other, a greater awareness that the air is present, alive and shared can only be healthy. It will encourage not only more respect for how we treat the atmosphere, but also an increased empathy for those who share it with us. 

Featuring work by Kevin Anderson, Ian Burns, Dale Collier, Ineke Dane, Sophia Emmett, Greg Fuller, Jason Hicklin, Tracy Hill, James Maher, Andrew Styan, Katie Styan and Lucy Weaver.

Curated by Andrew Styan with mentorship from established curator Meryl Ryan. 

UK artists Tracy Hill, Greg Fuller and Jason Hicklin’s participation in EVERY BREATH is made possible through The Lock-Up’s Artist in Residence Program.

Exhibition presented in partnership with Curve Gallery and in conjunction with the exhibition Common Ground.