16 APRIL - 30 MAY 2021

INSIDE ELANDS explores the poetics of place, architectural space and landscape memoir through local archives, moving image and sound, painting, writing and expanded photography.


16 APRIL - 30 MAY 2021

OPENING: 5.30PM 16 April 2021 featuring live music by Jodie Kell.

Hidden in the hinterlands of NSW on the Great Dividing Range, Elands has a unique microhistory, coloured by the boho-counter-culture community from the late 1960s into the ‘90s. Focusing on this recent social history and its intergenerational perspectives, INSIDE ELANDS includes cross-tech-collaborations and remote fieldwork experiments alongside historical art works from the local archive.

INSIDE ELANDS evokes the poetics of time + place, architectural space + folly, landscape noir + memoir through expanded photography, moving image, creative writing, painting and sound. Central motifs include the Ellenborough River and the hand-built homes of the 1970s and ‘80s concealed in the isolated valleys and backwaters of the Bulga Plateau – many lost to or threatened by the 2019/2020 bushfires.

The exhibition features new work by Alison Bennett, Juliet Lamont, Rilka Oakley and Leigh Redhead. Curated by Una Rey, each ‘insider’ shares an intimate experience of Elands, its utopian/dystopian mythology and its arresting natural beauty.

IMAGE: Alison Bennett & Una Rey Elands Co-op 2020 (screenshot detail)