23 SEPTEMBER 2015 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2015

An exhibition coinciding with Next to Nothing: Art as Performance Symposium in partnership with the School of Creative Arts, University of Newcastle.

23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2015

Midpointness is an evolving curatorial and artistic project that explores ways in which works of art might be understood as ‘being in the midst’; a place W. T. J. Mitchell has usefully described as an “inescapable zone of transaction”. 

When is something finished? When might something begin? Midpointness explores these questions through a performative process of exhibition making in which artists and curators are present throughout. The project will begin with an exhibition of work by selected artists, which is then dismantled and constantly reconstructed, re-imagined, re-classified and augmented throughout the exhibition by curators, artists, students and gallery visitors. 

An integral part of the project is a series of events and workshops that will shape and inform the evolution of the exhibition. These events will include talks, reading groups, critiques, artistic interventions and hopefully responses hitherto unimagined!

About Steve Dutton 

Dutton is Professor in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Lincoln where he is developing Artistic Research and National and International Networks. He is an artist/academic with an international profile who works on both collaborative and individual projects. This project was in collaboration Andrew Bracy.